Lysistrata (English)Machine readable text

Lysistrata (English)
By Aristophanes
Edited by: Jeffrey Henderson

Newburyport, MA The Focus Classical Library 1992

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Mute characters

Rod and Myrrhine

What'll I do? No one to screw!62
I've lost the sexiest girl I knew.
My cock is an orphan,
it couldn't be worse.
I'll just have to get him63
a practical nurse.
Men's Leader
Frightful deceit! Pity on you!
We cannot imagine what to do.
What balls can endure
being treated this way,
without any chance of
an actual lay?
Oh god, the cramps attack anew!
A dirty bitch did this to you!
Oh no, she's really sweet and kind.
That bitch? You must have lost your mind!
You're right, a bitch
is what she is!
I'll put a curse
upon that miz!
I pray for a tornado,
with lightning bolts and all,]
to lift her into heaven
and then to let her fall.
Way down and down she's falling,
above a giant rock.
And when she's almost on it,
I pray she hits my cock!