Lysistrata (English)Machine readable text

Lysistrata (English)
By Aristophanes
Edited by: Jeffrey Henderson

Newburyport, MA The Focus Classical Library 1992

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Mute characters

Hey Spartan, what about another song?
Spartan Ambassador
To Sparta, Muse, my song will roam,
where Apollo has his southern home,
where Athena's house has brazen portals,
where Zeus' twin sons, knights immortal,
gallop by Eurotas River,
setting Spartan hearts aquiver,
where heavenly dancers leap and shout,
like colts the maidens frisk about,
raising dust, tossing their manes,
possessed by Bacchus, all insane,
led by Zeus' holy child,
Helen, women's nonpareil.
Hold your hair up with your hand,
beat your feet throughout the land,
help the dancers make some noise,
sing a song of joyous praise
for Athena of Athens, for Spartan Athena
of the House of Bronze!