De Medicina

De Medicina
By Celsus
Edited by: W. G. Spencer (trans.)

Cambridge, Massachusetts Harvard University Press 1971 (Republication of the 1935 edition).

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Celsus On Medicine

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Book VI

 [p. 291] removed, and similar treatment continued. When this does not succeed, the whitlow is cleaned by means of a scalpel, and the place burnt with a fine cautery, followed by the dressing usual after cauterization.

And when nails are scabrous, they must be loosened all round, where they are in contact with the flesh; next some of the following composition is put on them: sandarach and sulphur 8 grams each; soda and orpiment 16 grams each; liquid resin 32 grams. The finger is dressed again on the third day. Under this medicament, diseased nails fall off and in their stead better ones grow.