De Medicina

De Medicina
By Celsus
Edited by: W. G. Spencer (trans.)

Cambridge, Massachusetts Harvard University Press 1971 (Republication of the 1935 edition).

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Celsus On Medicine

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 [p. 179]

Book VI

1 I have spoken of those lesions which affect the whole body and require the aid of medicaments; now I come to those which customarily occur only in particular parts, beginning with the head.

In the head, then, when the hair falls out, the principal remedy is frequent shaving. Ladanum mixed with oil, however, is some help in preserving it. I am now referring to the falling out of hair after illness; for no kind of remedy can be given to stop the head of some people from becoming bald through age.

2 But the condition is called porrigo, when between the hairs something like small scales rise up and become detached from the scalp: and at times they are moist, much more often dry. Sometimes this happens without ulceration, sometimes there is a localized ulceration, and from this comes sometimes a foul odour, sometimes none. This generally occurs on the scalp, more seldom on the beard, occasionally even on the eyebrow. It does not arise only there is some general bodily lesion, so that it is not entirely without its use; for it does not exude from a thoroughly sound head. When there is present some lesion in the head, it is not disadvantageous for the surface of the scalp to become here