This project owes debts of gratitude to several other resources that are available online.

  1. The website has gathered PDF versions of many public domain Greek and Latin textbooks and hosts discussion boards for people working through these books. I first encountered White's First Greek Book when browsing their collections. You can download their PDF version of White's First Greek Book from
  2. The discussion boards at pointed me to an answer key for White's text at The translations in the exercises on this site are my own, but I have used this answer key as a reality check and encourage you to examine them for another view of the translation exercises. My tutorial does not cover the English to Greek sentences or the adapted passages from Xenophon (yet). The answer key includes this material.
  3. The grammatical descriptions in the exercises have been scraped from the Perseus Digital Library's Greek Word Study tool at using their morphology service API.
  4. I have also found incorporated some morphological information from the extremely useful site
  5. The text was typed by Digital Divide Data - a data entry firm that is committed to socially responsible business practices. You can read more about their social impact at

A Digital Tutorial For Ancient Greek Based on John William White's First Greek Book.
A Work In Progress: Expect things to change and know that you will find errors as you use this tutorial.
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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Please see the acknowledgments page for a list of the on-line resources that have contributed to this project.
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